Revitalize Your Kitchen or Bath with Cabinet Refinishing

If you love the charm of your old kitchen cabinets or just do not want to buy new ones, consider cabinet refinishing. Make your kitchen or bathroom look new again with professional cabinet refinishing services from Day's Painting near Louisville. Cabinet refinishing or cabinet painting will give you the opportunity to transform your living spaces.

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Eco-Friendly Options

Avoid adding old cabinets to Louisville area landfills and restore your existing ones in just a few days. Choose any eco-friendly paint. Change any cabinet stain. For example, transition your dark espresso or cherry cabinets into light ash or maple stains or paint them a bright, modern, white. Get the cabinets you have always dreamed of and help the environment.

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Refinishing Your Cabinets

At Day's Painting we feel every customer deserves to know the cost of refinishing their kitchen or bath cabinets. Local painting companies or contractors may offer only a very rough estimate, leaving the final price a mystery until the job is complete. When you choose Day's Painting for your home in Louisville, Goshen, Prospect, Crestwood, Simpsonville or the surrounding area, there are no hidden costs.

Contact us for professional cabinet painting services that will rejuvenate the look of your cabinets.